Based on the movement and sound of an analogue stopwatch this piece was initially created as an installation for electronics giant Philips.
The original soundtrack been evolved with the addition of highly contemporary drum rhythms.

City of the Silenced

Created as part of a series of audio landscapes for the Empire of Silence pavillion/experience at the last Swiss Expo.


Exotic desert landscape, ethnic instruments combined with a string orchestra and effects. Part of the album Environments.


Originally scored for the Earth Galleries at the Natural History Museum, London.
An atmospheric piece featuring solo violin and voice.


High impact fusion of Fx and powerful beats. Commissioned for the launch of a new high technology centre for Toyota in the Middle East.


Atmospheric setting of Charles Dicken’s Bleak House.
Performed by Joss Ackland and commissioned for a London theatrical production at the Royal Festival Hall.

Formula 1

Produced for the Williams Formula 1 team.
Sounds were captured at a full F1 test session over two days and supplemented by location recordings at the UK factory then integrated to create a multi layered score for a video documentary.

Ice Fields

Full orchestra, solo boy treble, soprano and choir combine with effects to give a haunting soundscape moving from calm to grand vistas then solitude.

Mechanical Power and Transport

Commissioned by the London Transport Museum, extensive recordings were made of their historic vehicleand train collections.
Further unique sounds were recorded in closed off sections of the London underground to create an unusual and stimulating soundtrack for the galleries.

Rain Forest

Original sound effects recorded in the Rain Forest by Julian are combined with ethnic instruments. The piece features the voice of Juwon Ogungbe.

Satanic Mills

Special access was provided to Birmingham Museum’s historic collection. Extensive recordings were made of numerous belt driven machines with great care taken to bring out the
nuances of their operation. The multilayered soundtrack is a journey into the machines.

Secret War

A full orchestra and original score combined with specially produced Fx provides an atmospheric setting to the start of the Imperial War Museum’s Secret War gallery, a permanent
exhibition in London.


Large orchestra, voices and Fx create an atmospheric and etheral Audio Landscape. Elements originally prepared for the British National Space Centre then developed and remixed
for commercial release.


Foleyed Fx and natural recordings combined to create a subterranean atmosphere, the addition of blown bottles and soft brass provides a period feel.
Produced for Kew Bridge Steam Museum.


Intricate sound design, constantly evolving rhythms and specially created Fx portray a journey through the internet. Originally conceived and created for RBS’s software division then developed and remixed for commercial release.

The Advent of Steam

An audio landscape depicting the transformation steam had on industry and transport. A surround sound installation with projected visuals in Birmingham’s award winning Think Tank Science Museum.

The Machine

Originally part of the soundtrack for a full scale theatrical production performed at the Alton Towers theme park. All the Fx/sounds were created from the ground up. The theatrical mix was three dimensional surround presented over eight channels.

Victorian Soundscape

An audio creation of Victorian London commissioned by The London Transport Museum. All the Fx and voices were recorded on an external foley stage and mixed with numerous location recordings. Mixed in surround to provide an atmospheric background to one of the Museum’s main galleries.


Dramatic atmospheric piece created for the Earth Galleries at the Natural History Museum, London. Computer modelled sounds combined with natural location recordings provide a full and deep impact.

War of the Roses

Hours of location recordings with a 400 strong re-enactment “army” provided the material, along with a full orchestra, to create a dramatic soundscape of the Wars of the Roses.
Narration by Diana Rigg.

World War II

The music was originally scored for the European Pavillion at the World Expo, a collaboration with Andrew Mackay. It was later developed to be an emotive snapshot of the conflict of World War II.